Family Bereavement Services

Family Bereavement Services is a division of Guardian Angel Hospice that provides support to children, teens, and families in the communities we serve. Our mission is to support and enhance the quality of life of our patient’s families after the death of their loved one, to raise awareness of and provide education surrounding grief and loss, and to compassionately provide tools for any family coping with a loss in their lives. We provide these services through several outlets which are outlines below.

For more information about our bereavement programs, call us at 800.338.4043 or email us at

Bereavement Counselor Follow Up

Follow up is available to the family for 13 months following the hospice patient’s death. Services included are phone calls, visits, mailings and newsletters with information to assist in the grief process. Perhaps reading our newsletters and mailings will be of benefit to you to learn coping skills and ways to remember your loved one. One to one visits with your bereavement counselor may assist you with your grief and offer healthy ways to continue the journey.

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Adult Grief Support Groups

When facing the death of a loved one, it is sometimes helpful to know that you are not alone – that there are others who face similar situations. Support groups give you the ability to learn about your grief and to recognize that there are helpful ways to move through this difficult time. Our grief facilitators are available in group settings to encourage and offer suggestions of coping tools and resources. Getting to know others facing grief can be a profound way to assist you on your grief journey.

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People grieve in unique and personal ways and it is common for members of the same family to think, feel, and act differently throughout their grief journeys.

The mission of The BRIDGe (By Remembering I Develop and Grow) is to improve the lives of grieving families through offering them the opportunity to connect, share, and spend time with other grieving families.

The BRIDGe is a free 8 session program where family members meet with other bereaved individuals who are similar in age and engage in activities and crafts that are specifically designed for their unique developmental level.

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Camp Angel Grief Camps

When children and adolescents are faced with the death of a loved one, the support necessary to guide them through the journey is one that is different than that of an adult. Children and adolescents process situations and events much differently than adults. They may not realize that it is normal and natural to feel the way they do during the grief process. Grief may take longer to heal as their development and understanding of death changes as they grow.

Camp Angel is designed to assist children and adolescents with this process and provide them a meaningful, healing and enjoyable experience. Camp provides the opportunity to meet other campers, like themselves, who are learning about and understanding their grief. It’s nice to know you are not the only one.

Camp Angel also allows the campers to run, play, laugh, be themselves, and have a great time (which is also very normal in the grief process)! No matter what level of grief a camper is at, they are understood and accepted.

For more information about Camp Angel, visit our special events page.

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