Specialty Programs

One of the distinctive qualities about hospice is its commitment to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient AND family members. This broad and deep perspective allows us to take our mission of healing in very creative directions. We are proud to offer the following specialty programs to better serve the needs of the Central Indiana community.

We Honor Veterans

Guardian Angel Hospice is a proud level three partner of NHPCO We Honor Veterans program. We value the opportunity, as a community partner in thirty counties, to provide consistent access to world class end-of-life services and education.  For more information on We Honor Veterans, visit their website here.

Click here to learn more about our Veteran to Veteran Volunteer program.

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Essential Oils for Comfort

At Guardian Angel Hospice we practice a complimentary therapy related to herbal medicine utilizing essential oils. This care should not be confused with commercial aromatherapy. Aromatic products (candles, soap, car scents, etc.) brought into homes and facilities do not provide quality or safety. Pure essential oils are of a therapeutic grade and are derived from aromatic plants and used for a very specific therapeutic effect. Oils are derived from steam distilling or expressing (pressing down using heavy weights) of aromatic plants.

Our bodies have the ability to recognize and form memories of nearly 10,000 different scents. Scent goes directly to the limbic system of the brain which is directly related to emotions and memories. When choosing an oil, it is important to consider a patient’s memories and preferences as they can override any therapeutic effect.

The following essential oils are provided by our nurses and hospice aides at Guardian Angel Hospice for use during patient visits. Oils are available at most Natural Food and Health Stores, or speak to your hospice representative for assistance in ordering personal oils.


  • Intended Uses: insomnia, agitation in dementia, nausea and vomiting, depression, headache, skin irritations, cancer, bug repellent, promote appetite, induce sleep, decrease confusion
  • Contraindications: lavender is one of the safest oils available, however patient preference for the scent must be evaluated


  • Intended Uses: calming, uplifting, stress reduction, relaxation, nausea, freshens and deodorizes the air, encourages positive emotions
  • Contraindications: pregnancy, nursing, keep out of reach of children, avoid direct sun for 12 hours after skin application


  • Designed to promote ease during times of change by a clinical Aromatherapist with more than fifteen years of experience in a hospice setting
  • Intended Uses: anxiety, stress, tense breathing, anger, fear, mood swings, irritability, rapid breathing, nervousness, mental fog, sense of isolation
  • Contraindications: none with topical application of bend
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Grief Support Groups

Losing a loved one is undeniably one of the hardest of life’s passages. To help you on your journey of healing, Guardian Angel Hospice offers support groups for grieving family members and friends. Your loved one does not need to have been on service with us for you to participate.

Support groups involve a casual format where attendees share their experiences and the adjustments they have had to make. Joining with others and learning about common responses to grief can help you to feel not so alone with the process.

We welcome all persons who are grieving. There is no charge to attend. Give us a call at 800.338.4043 to find out more and to learn the times and locations of our current support groups or download the listing of our Grief Support Groups.

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